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  • Customized product
    Date:2018/12/13 15:09:03

    Product introduction

    Oilfield piping laser range finder

    The oilfield pipe laser range finder measures the oilfield pipe on the pipe rack, which greatly helps make the measurement process in a faster, more accurate and safer way, and it doesn’t have to ask for more personnel, that tremendously improves operation efficiency/effectiveness at the same time results in remarking cost saving. It’s featured with automatic measurement and storage, which can effectively reduce errors and errors caused by human operation, thereby reducing working hours, saving costs, and avoiding major engineering accidents caused by broken tape, misreading, tape stuck, and the like. The oilfield pipe laser range finder features highly accurate measurement system , small and flexible, easy to use, free from the influence of the wild environment and low temperature, and the data storage function is more capable...

    Product parameters 

    0.05m ~ 50m
    Minimum display unit
    Laser Class
    Laser Wavelength
    IP rating
    Laser off
    After 30 seconds
    Power supply 4*AA
    Up to 4000 measurements
    temperature range
         range of working temperature
         Storage temperature range
    -10℃ to 70℃
    -10℃ to 50℃