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    MIDEKER is not only your trusted supplier but also your sincere partner. We will be responding as quick as possible around the clock to your needs, providing professional, safe and reliable products and system solutions.

    MIDEKER's professional service team will provide high quality services to customers in different fields. We will make reasonable and professional advice/proposal based on your needs, industry characteristics and operational environment to save your time and energy on your projects.

    Sincere partner

     Our goal is to be your sincere partner that can help you use our products properly and provide you with more professional solutions. After ten years of development, MIDEKER has become a complete replacement for imported brands, providing products and services to more and more customers. 


    The reliability of the product is all you can trust. The whole process and all-round quality control has ensured and boasted its excellent quality. For questions during the use of the product, you can consult our experts who will provide you with targeted analysis and advice. Our products are widely used in railways, ports, metallurgy, water conservancy, hydrology, energy and automation, and we have accumulated a wealth of experience, so whenever you have problems or things you are not sure about, you can always reach us 24/7 for assistance.

    Fast and proactive service

    When you have special requirements, request, expectations or urgent needs, just simply let us know and we will spare no effort to respond and offer advice/solutions right after.