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    Dear Sir or Madam: Hello! Thanks for your trust and having chosen MIDEKER products. If you have any problems when using our products, please fill out this form and send it to the repair/service center together with the faulty product, so that our service center team can be able to reach you right in time and have it returned and repaired, and ultimately get it back to you ASAP. Many thanks!

    Maintenance Service Center Information:

    Changzhou Mideker Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

    Section A, 5th Floor, Block# 4, Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, No. 2 Hong Yang Road, Tianning District, Changzhou City

    Postal Code: 213107

    Recipient: Product Service Department

    Phone No. for Technical support and maintenance: 86 (0519) 88668089

    Fax: (0519) 88668089

    Please be sure to fill the below out completely, we will get in connection with you return the repaired product accordingly.