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    MIDEKER is a high-tech innovation oriented enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of laser ranging sensors。 It’s been seeking the high-end market, pursuing technological innovation and paying attention to product quality. As the leading technology organization in the field of laser range finding sensors in China, MIDEKER has decades of experience in laser sensor design, R&D and manufacturing, focusing not only on assembly & calibration process technology/engineering but also service quality, providing customers with a variety of dedicated laser ranging sensors and site-based solutions. The product(s) combine technology and engineering of measurement, semiconductors, computation, information processing, microelectronics, optics, acoustics, precision machinery, bionics, materials science and many other disciplines to integrate high-tech intensive technologies, breaking through the monopoly of imported sensor manufacturers on the domestic market, filling the gap in the domestic laser sensor market.

    MIDEKER products cover phase measurement laser sensor, pulsed measurement laser s ensor, laser triangulation sensor and laser scanner, which are widely utilized in the fields of port, railway, hydrology, metallurgy, petroleum, logistics, robot, drone aerospace, highway, bridge, environmental monitoring, defense research, information industry, machinery, electricity, energy, construction, disaster prediction and prevention, agriculture and forestry, etc. that can be said that they can be employed for all areas of human activities, and are recognized as high-quality, reliable devices and system solution enablers. The company adheres to the principle of innovation first, quality first, and keeps up with improvement in the customer experience.

    Companies under the MIDEKER brand

    Mideker Sensors (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary) ---- R & D and sales of Mideker products.

    Changzhou Mideker Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (parent company) ------Production, technical, technical support, after-sales service of Mideker products.